Friday, 28 December 2012

How DNA can help your Family Tree Research

Here is a video version of the above presentation which I gave at the Back to Our Past Exhibition at the RDS, Dublin on Saturday 13th October 2012. Each part is approximately 15 minutes long.

To watch these videos in Full Screen, click on the video to begin playing it, then click on the YouTube link in the bottom right of the video, and when on the YouTube page, click on the Full Screen icon, again in the bottom right of the video. To watch it in High Definition (HD), click on the settings icon (cogwheel), and then click on 720p HD.

Part 1 - Brick Walls, how to take a DNA test, the 3 main types of DNA test, the Y-DNA test, my own results

Part 2 - Specific examples of Y-DNA testing: Thomas Jefferson, the Spearin Surname Project

Part 3 - The mitochondrial DNA test & a specific example: Anastasia

Part 4 - The autosomal DNA test, how to deal with your matches, the Mystery of the Wedding Memento, Summary, Limitations, Links & Resources

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