Monday 29 January 2018

New publication: "DNA & Your Genealogy"

I've written a 68-page magazine supplement on DNA testing for Your Genealogy Today. It covers all aspects of DNA testing and gives practical advice on how to apply it to your genealogy. Further details can be found here.

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An early review of the supplement

Here is an extract of another review written by Leland Meitzler of
Published in a saddle-stapled format by Moorshead Magazines, this 66-page guide to DNA research is the one of the most readable and easy-to-understand of all the DNA-related guides that I’ve seen. When I finally got some time to read, I found that I read the entire publication, and understood most of what I was reading!
Written by Dr. Maurice Gleeson MB, the book is written about the science – for those of use who thought we’d just stick with the humanities! I can’t recommend a guide more – especially if you are just getting into using DNA in your research. The guide is inexpensive, while giving you the knowledge that you need to be off and running with your DNA genealogy research.
This 66-page DNA guide is the most easy-to understand DNA Guide published to date. Heavily illustrated, this guide is for the rest of us!

If you have read it and would like to leave a review, please feel free to use the Comments section below. 

Maurice Gleeson
Jan 2018