Thursday 15 May 2014

Presentations & Slides available for download

Now you can see all the videos of presentations I have given all in one place. The new Presentations & Downloads page has a selection of videos that deal with a variety of different DNA-related topics including:

  • The basics of DNA testing
  • How to take your own DNA sample via a cheek swab
  • The three main types of DNA test and what each one can do for you
  • How DNA can help you break through Brick Walls in your own family tree research
  • One-Name Studies run by the GOONS (Guild of One-Name Studies) and how DNA can be used to help further surname research 
  • How to set up a DNA study as part of a One-Name Surname Study
  • Using DNA for Caribbean genealogical research
  • Using DNA for Northern Irish genealogical research
  • A step-by-step approach to analysing your matches on autosomal DNA
Many more topics will be included in the future, and handout notes of the slides will be available to accompany the presentations.