Saturday, 23 April 2016

How to share the link to your Big Y BAM file

If you have done the Big Y test at FamilyTreeDNA, FTDNA provide the facility to download your raw data (in .vcf, .bed, and .BAM files) which allows you to have the data analysed and interpreted by a host of other resources (see this blog post for a selection of them). 

Here is a step-by-step description of how you can download your .vcf and .bed files, and also get the link to your BAM file and share it with other people.

1. Firstly, just SIGN IN to your FamilyTreeDNA account with your kit number and Password.

2. Then click on your Big Y Matches ...

3. Then, click on the blue Download Raw Data button …

4. In the subsequent pop-up box, you will be given the option to submit a request to have your BAM file prepared for downloading. This may take a few weeks to prepare and you should be notified by email when it is ready.

Once the file has been prepared, repeat steps 1-3 above, and now when you click on the Download Raw Data button, you will get a pop-up box with green buttons at the bottom, like in the diagram below.

The "Download VCF" option will download the .vcf and .bed files to your computer, usually as a zipped file or with both files in a folder (about 1.7 mB).

The "Share BAM" option will allow you to copy a temporary link to your BAM file. The file itself is >600 mB in size and is far too big to be sent by email, so sending the link instead allows the recipient to download your file from the FTDNA website directly to their computer, without clogging up your mailbox or theirs.

You can also download your BAM file if you wish but this is >600 mB in size so it will take a while.

5. After clicking on Share BAM, click on the Copy button that appears next (this copies the link to your BAM file) …

6. Now simply paste the copied link into an email (e.g. to send it to James Kane or Alex Williamson) or the appropriate box on an application form (e.g. to send it to YFULL or FGC).

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  1. Really handy blog. Have just received confirmation of my Big Y and have just requested to have my BAM File prepared for downloading. I wasn't sure what happened next, but this article explains it nicely. Greg