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To assist people get the most out of their DNA results, I offer a variety of consultations and courses that may be of interest. Consultations are adapted to suit your own particular individual needs. 

I offer a Skype Call consultation where I can access your results, answer your specific questions, and come up with an Action Plan for Next Steps you could do to further your research. These sessions can be recorded as a private video or audio file for your future reference, so you can go back over it again whenever you want.

I can also evaluate your results and write a Report for you if you prefer the written medium. Your Report will be individualised to interpret your own results, answer specific questions, and provide recommendations for any Next Steps.

Here are some topics that I am frequently consulted on:

What do your results mean?

I have my results, but what do they mean? What do I do next? What is the next step?

These are question I frequently encounter as a genetic genealogist, and this really is not very surprising. When I first got involved in genetic genealogy these are exactly the same questions that I had. Your DNA results are a lot to take in. Navigating the various websites can be daunting. Understanding what the results say, and just as important what they don't say, can be difficult to comprehend. I will take you through your results, explain what they mean, and address any specific questions you may have.

Focussing on your Brick Wall

If you are particularly interested in trying to break down a specific Brick Wall in your genealogical research, I can review the Brick Wall with you and come up with an action plan for DNA testing and analysis. I will explain triangulation to you, show you how to create a triangulation group, how to find the appropriate people to DNA test and how to approach them. Some of these people are probably already in your matches list.

Organising your Y-DNA Surname Project

Do you need help with your Y-DNA Surname Project? Do you know how to get the most out of your project? Do you need some hints and tips about how to group people based on their DNA? Do you need help attracting new recruits? I can advise on many aspects of Y-DNA Surname Project management, including recruitment, grouping, managing, building Mutation History Trees (cladograms), and connecting the various genetic families in your project with specific ancestral locations.

Developing & Implementing a Research Plan for Adoptees

If you are adopted (or if a close relative is adopted), I can come up with a plan for researching your birth family. The plan will involve reviewing your own DNA test results, exploring your closest matches, identifying triangulated groups, identifying named potential ancestors, tracing their descendants, evaluating potential candidates, identifying individuals for further DNA testing, and guiding you through the Plan every step of the way.

The above are some of the most frequent enquiries I get and are merely examples of what is frequently covered in one-to-one consultations. If you have a specific topic you would like to consult me about, simply email me and let's chat (my email is

Courses & Workshops

I will also be offering a variety of online workshops & courses during the year, depending on demand. The list of topics as well as dates and times will be updated below. If you are interested in taking part in any of these workshops or courses, please leave a comment below or contact me directly.

The workshops are 2 hours in duration and cost $30. The courses are 2 hours per week for 6 weeks and cost $150. Both the courses and the workshops involve about 1 hour of presentation from me interspersed with 1 hour of questions and answers so there is ample opportunity to ask your own questions and get your own answers. Sharing these examples with the rest of the group facilitates learning all around. Places are limited for Courses and Workshops.

Below is a sample of some of the topics that may be covered by Courses or Workshops during the year. If you have any questions, simply email me at


Courses consist of six 2-hour sessions spread over a 6-week period. They cost $150.

Delving into Genetic Genealogy - for beginners and intermediates (6 weeks, $150)

This course takes you through the basics of genetic genealogy, the different types of test and what they tell us, the different companies and what you get from each, how to apply the tests in practice, and how they can help you with your family tree research.

Advanced Y-DNA Surname Project management - for Project Administrators (6 weeks, $150)

This course is for those people who have already started a Y-DNA Surname Project and want to run it as efficiently as possible. The course will cover recruitment, manoeuvering the GAP administration pages, grouping people using "Markers of Potential Relatedness" (including Genetic Distance, Matches' Terminal SNP Analysis, Rare Marker Values, Y-STR Signatures, and genealogical information), building Mutation History Trees, connecting with the Ancient Genealogies, using autosomal DNA within a Y-DNA project, and incorporating traditional genealogical research into your project.

Autosomal DNA in Practice - beginners & intermediates (6 weeks, $150)

Tackling atDNA results can be a daunting task. A lot of time can be wasted with little to show for it. This course addresses how to make the most efficient use of your time, how to identify Triangulated Groups, get family trees for all group members, analyse the data, and use it to break thru the Brick Walls in your own family tree research. The results from all three major companies will be evaluated, the tools available from them (and others) will be assessed, and techniques for streamlining your atDNA-based research will be explored. You will leave the course with a clear plan for tackling your own atDNA results and how to use them efficiently in practice.

DNA Testing for Adoptees - absolute beginners (6 weeks, $150)

Most people are not genealogists. The same holds true for adoptees. And yet to achieve success using DNA to help search for your close genetic family (birth family), you will need to know at least the basics about family tree research and how DNA can help. This course is a gentle guide to what you need to know to find your family using DNA and family tree research techniques. It covers the basics about building a family tree, how to read other people's family tree, manoeuvering thru the Ancestry website, the different DNA companies and the different tests they offer, how each test can help you, how to use your autosomal DNA results to identify specific ancestors, how to trace the descendants of those ancestors, how to identify possible relatives for further DNA testing, how to approach them, how to deal with disappointment, and what to do when you find your family.


Workshops last for 2 hours and cost $30 per person.

The Basics 
Beginners Guide to DNA - Which test is best to answer your specific genealogical questions?

An in-depth look at how Y-DNA can help your genealogy
Understanding your Y-DNA results
How to use “Markers of Potential Relatedness” to group project members in your Surname DNA Project
How to build a Mutation History Tree for the larger groups in your Surname Project
Connecting your DNA to the Ancient Irish Annals (& other genealogies)

Autosomal DNA 
Understanding your autosomal DNA results
A deeper dive into autosomal DNA - Advanced autosomal DNA techniques
Triangulating with autosomal DNA to zoom in on specific ancestors

DNA for Adoptees 
Introduction to DNA testing for adoptees searching for their birth families
Using atDNA to find birth family (of adoptees, foundlings, and illegitimate relatives)
Advanced techniques for adoptees searching for their birth families

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