Tuesday, 13 November 2018

FTDNA Thanksgiving Sale

There are some incredible discounts in the current FTDNA Sale which lasts from now until Nov 22nd. And there will probably be a Christmas Sale after that. So now is the time to start thinking about getting that upgrade or that extra kit.

Below are the sale prices and they are the lowest I have ever seen.
Y37 for just $99 ...
Family Finder for just $49 ...
and $100-140 off Big Y upgrades.

This feels more like Crazy Eddie's Second Hand Car Deals!

Maurice Gleeson
Nov 2018


  1. The sale ends before Black Friday. Last year the sale went all the way through Cyber Monday. Do you think they'll have even lower prices over the shopping weekend? Surely they must give some sort of deal.

  2. I am confident they will indeed continue the sale after Black Friday, but I have no idea what the prices will be. It’s a genetic lottery! :-)